Commercial real estate professionals need websites so their clients can have a one-stop solution for all their questions. A commercial real estate website establishes business presence online and allows the generate of quality leads.

The success of your website can depend greatly on how you incorporate the features below:

1.     Visual Aids

When listing properties, make sure you include high-quality content such as images, videos or 3D virtual tours. Visitors to your site are looking to make potential high cash investments in properties and they want to make sure they inspect the property inside and out before making any decisions. Property images are one of the best marketing tools for your real estate business. The pictures and videos highlight the best features of the listings along with the lifestyle. How to Best Use Video in Commercial Real Estate Marketing.

2.     Easy Navigation

The layout and design of the website creates a first impression. At a glance, if the website looks cluttered or complicated, there is a high chance a potential client will go elsewhere, and conversion rates will be low. The design element is crucial to visitor retention so be sure to have complementing pages that incorporate colors, bold headings and tabs so users can navigate the site easily.  5 Hacks for Commercial Real Estate Websites that Drive Leads.


The website should have categories for different types of properties, preferably with filter options. This will save users time by browsing through only what they deem vital to their needs.

3.     Advanced Search and Sorting

The search feature is one of the most important plug-ins for a website, and it should be on the landing page to help visitors select their property preferences. Whether they’re looking for the latest or cheapest properties, your search should easily filter the listings according to the sorting criteria to provide accurate results. Easily sort your listings with our CRE Listings Plugin.


4.     Social Media Integration

Social media is crucial if you want to create awareness about your website while helping craft long-lasting relationships with your clients in the real estate business. By integrating social media on your website you can maximize your reach on both platforms while using the power of social media to establish trust with customers. How Social Media Helps in Selling Commercial Real Estate.


This also allows the business to respond to customers right away. You can even link your social media handles throughout the website, which can allow users to navigate from one platform to another depending on the type of information they require from your commercial real estate business.

5.     Testimonials

The best way to establish your credibility in the real estate world is through reviews and testimonials, which can help potential clients, build a personal connection with your site. People want to make sure they are making the right decision, and hearing someone else have a good experience it creates a positive image of your business in the minds of potential clients. 5 Tips to Building Trust with a Commercial Real Estate Website.


Having a great website automatically translates to greater visibility and eventually more revenue. Spend some times on your website and build great and lasting first impressions.