When it comes to commercial real estate marketing, it’s important that you have strategies in place to maximize visibility and stand out from the noise. Your commercial real estate website is your number 1 marketing tool.

To ensure that you’re capitalizing on that traffic, it’s vital that you not only have a great website design but also incorporate some great design ideas and features on your website as well. So, if you’re thinking of sprucing up your commercial real estate website, here are 6 design ideas you should know:

1.      Get Some Movement

It’s easy to embed video or animations into your website, and thanks to new compression software and CSS animation, you can have moving features on your website without impacting its loading speed. When done properly, your web page will load in 4 to 5 seconds even with an embedded video, while animations can explain all complex business models or concepts.

2.      Change the Layout

Don’t try and get cute with the menu as everything on your website should be labeled clearly, so don’t label your ‘contact us’ page as the ‘messenger pigeon’ page. Clearly label your menu, so people aren’t wasting time clicking on every page before finding their desired content. Don’t get caught up in having too many images or a large amount of content since keeping a simple layout helps.

3.      High-Resolution Images

It’s great if you have hi-resolution identifiable photos of your area, which will establish that you are a local business, and it’s important you don’t steal photos from the internet. Display these images on the home page, so they are the first thing people come across on your website.

4.      Portfolio of Closed Deals

You should create a portfolio of all your closed deals to show off your expertise or specialty, and allow people to see your range of experience. It’s a great way to show potential clients how long you’ve been in the business and how skilled you are at closing deals.

5.      Lead Generation

Always offer something to website visitors to download in exchange for their contact information as it’s a great way to gather contact information for calls, and email announcements. You can build your own database and send your new leads announcements, newsletters, and more.  We have ebooks available for customization.

6.      Showcase Your Listings

It’s easier than ever before to showcase your listings.  Choose either an IDX or the CRE Plugin to show listings easily on your website.  What is an IDX?