The internet is ever evolving, but is your commercial real estate website primed for the latest SSL/HTTPS security update? If you’re a commercial real estate agent whose website isn’t SSL secured, your visitors are soon going to notice a ‘not secure’ warning in their browser when they visit your website, and that’s not going to be a good look for your brand.

You need to ensure that you’re completely ready for the major SSL update to ensure that your commercial real estate website is ready for the SSL/HTTPS security update.

What Is SSL? Why Is it Necessary?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a method for transferring website data online through encrypted connections. When your website is SSL-secured, you will receive a digital certificate, and your website will become more secure from phishing scams and potential hackers.

An SSL certificate is a trusted piece of ID that confirms to the internet that your website is reliable, and visitors can trust them and believe them to be credible.

Why Should You Care About HTTPS Security?

Even though most commercial real estate websites aren’t exchanging credit card information or private information, there are still important reasons why you should upgrade your website to HTTPS. We have outlined some of the main reasons here for you:

1.      Avoid Browser Warnings to Users

You don’t want your viewers or visitors to your website to get the ‘Not Secure’ warning from their browsers, which will be shown if your website isn’t HTTPS secured. The primary objective of a commercial real estate website is to collect leads, and that requires some form of lead-capture forms.

So, if your website is not secure, your customers are going to be more reluctant to share information on insecure websites, and they will go to another website.

2.      Build Trust and Credibility for Your Brand

SSL is going to be extremely important for commercial real estate agents in the future as it will have a major impact on trust and credibility in the real estate industry.

In the future, when visitors come to your website, and they see the SSL-secured logo, they will immediately feel trust as the logo will subconsciously strengthen people’s respect for your brand.

3.      Earn SEO Boost and Referral Data

This last reason is straightforward and makes sense because Google will reward websites with SSL certificates with higher rankings. Another incentive by Google is that your website will get better referral data from Google Analytics, and Google will give you more depth to the level of information about referrals.

So, if you notice your referral traffic dropping, it could be because most of these websites are moving to the HTTPS.