Calico Marketing

On a mission to take the “broke”
out of commercial real estate brokerage.

My Vision, My Mission

I help commercial real estate agents and brokers make more money.

I build lead generating websites and provide everything you need to build and automate your sales funnel.

When you have a sales funnel feeding traffic into a website that generates leads, you have a machine that generates leads 24/7, hands-free.

Websites Built for Lead Gen

Attract A+ clients with a commercial real estate website designed for lead capture.  Our simple design process takes little time and effort on your part.

Sales Funnel Masterclass

Build a lead generating machine that drives traffic to your website, nurtures prospects, and turns them into paying clients. Easy walk-thrus and templates.

Is your commercial real estate business stuck?

Did you know the average commercial real estate agent makes only $80,000 a year? We didn’t get into this industry to be capped out at 80-grand! We were promised hundreds of thousands, quarter million, half million, one million, two million, five million, ten million, and more! If we wanted to be capped at $80-grand, we could be big-box managers and live on a safe, bland salary preferred by the masses.

We joined the commercial real estate industry because we wanted more.

Here’s why we get stuck at $80k to $150k.

At this range we’re still doing EVERYTHING ourselves. All our own admin work, the prospecting, the client work, the marketing, the sales, the follow-up, everything needs to be done. And it’s often done by one-person, and that one person is you.

When you’re doing it all alone, you end up on a feast or famine cycle. You prospect until you get clients. You get enough clients that you cannot take on anymore. You stop prospecting. Once those deals close you have nothing in your pipeline, and you go back to the prospecting again. It’s a never-ending cycle that leaves you in a constant state of hustle with no rest, no breaks, every day 24/7 for …. $80k a year?! That’s not OK.

How do we break free?

It’s simple – we use a website made for lead capture + sales funnel for long-lasting results.

  1. Sales funnels drive traffic to your website.
  2. Website collects leads.
  3. Sales funnels will follow-up hands-free.

Website capture and funnels are always working for you, behind the scenes.

The truth is:

Being a commercial real estate broker shouldn’t make you broker.

Hi, I’m Brandy

The owner of Calico Marketing.

I’m on a mission. I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

Don’t get stuck, like so many others at $80k a year. If we wanted to top out at $80k, we could get jobs as big-box managers and live on a safe, bland salary like everyone else.

We got into commercial real estate to make money. Real money. “I bought the same Porsche in black and silver because I couldn’t decide” money.

Truth is, the $80k to $150k income range is sticky. Because you’re still doing everything yourself.

Let me build a lead capture website and teach you to build funnels to lower your admin work, get more clients and make more money.

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Brandy is like your own personal coach / consultant. I recently hired a marketing assistant and am using her videos for us to put together a comprehensive strategy. Newsletter Hero offers a step by step process for us to implement!

I have been doing my weekly mail-out plus the cold email system you built and I am amazed at the people who are opening my emails! They are being opened by people who I haven’t spoken to in 10-20 years or more and in some cases (after many attempts) never! So a big thanks to you for all I have learned.

Steve Gamez's portrait.Steve Gamez - Broker, PRS Properties

I’m so glad I bought the masterclass! Building my own website was easy with the step-by-step tutorial along with adding all the ebooks for lead generation. My website looks so much better than my competitors and building it was fast and easy.

Avant Group logo.Jason R. - Broker, Avant Group

Today, I had a prospective client actually contact me after uploading the eBook on my website!! It works.

Ray Regan's portrait.Ray Regan - Qualifying Broker, R1 CRE

Listing Hero is an excellent choice for anyone looking to sell their commercial real estate listings quickly and effectively. It includes everything you need like ready-made brochures and OM templates, along with information on how to do press releases easily and how to send an email blast to investors without an email list. I found it well worth the price!

Unlike other marketing companies I’ve worked with, Brandy understands the commercial real estate industry inside and out. She is a viable resource and partner, and I look forward to continuing our business partnership for years to come.  Brandy and Calico Marketing has my highest recommendation.

Brandon Smart's portrait.Brandon K. Smart, CCIM – President , Smart Equity