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Scale Up Hero

Take on more real estate business with improved systems and processes.

Masterclasses do the hard work for you.

Easy tools.

Video walk-thrus.

Immediate results.

Scale Up Hero

Scale your real estate business to take on more clients.

If you’re here, your real estate business has maxed the number of clients and deals you can feasibly take on, but you are not making the money you want. 

Having a problem with the bottom of your funnel can put you through a mental spiral, wondering if you should just give up and get a regular job.

Maxing out your ability to deliver is the biggest reason why real estate agents get stuck at the average $80,000 income.  It’s sticky, because only one person is doing all the work, and that person is YOU.

Don’t stay stuck!  You need to identify (1) who your best clients are, (2) how to attract more of them, (3) where your time is going, (4) which tasks to delegate, (5) how to delegate *even if you’re a control freak!*, (6) how to build processes and procedures that are easy to understand, and (7) identify and solve for bottlenecks.  Get your cash flow rolling with less work by scaling.

What do I get with
Scale Up Hero?

  • Scaling made for commercial real estate

  • Lifetime access to course

How to Videos:

  • 80/20 Rule: Find your make or break services

  • 6 Post-its game to identify primary service

  • Time tracking effectively

  • Delegation strategy made easy

  • Processes & Procedures made easy

  • ClickUp Setup

  • Bottlenecks: Identify & solve

Templates included:

  • 80/20 Rule and Analysis

  • Time tracking spreadsheet

  • Delegation workbook

  • Bottlenecks workbook

If you are looking to get more real estate investors without drowning in day-to-day tasks, Scale Up Hero is for you!

Mockup of materials included in the Scale Up Hero Package. Shows the video tutorials, easy PDF downloads, spread sheet of the 80-20 rule, time tracking calculator, delegation workbook and bottlenecks workbook.

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Happiness Guaranteed!

Love it or I’ll provide a refund within 7-days of purchase.

Hi, I’m Brandy

The owner of Calico Marketing.

When I hit capacity with my business, I went through a mental spiral of wondering if I should just throw in the towel and get a “real” job. If I wasn’t going to make more than a salaried worker, why should I bother?

I recognized that if I wanted more growth and cash flow, I needed more clients, and more deals. That meant I needed more capacity. But I was 100% booked! I couldn’t take on any more work!

I spent a year and a half working through different processes and procedures, reading books, taking courses, getting coaching, all dedicated to scaling a business.

Now you can take all my study and resources and recreate your processes quicker and easier. I’ve included everything you need as a commercial real estate pro and removed unnecessary strategies that won’t work for our ideal customer niche.

Get your business scaled faster with resources made especially for commercial real estate. Business strategies will work for a brokerage, an agent, property management, and a real estate portfolio manager.

Tempted to try the masterclass?

I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

It’s easier than you think.

Start the process by getting the masterclass!

You read that correctly.

With minimal time and effort, you can…

  • Analyze the type of clients you need more of such as investors, etc..

  • Evaluate which services are critical for survival.

  • Track your time and identify tasks that require delegation.

  • Learn to delegate effectively with contractors. *Control freak approved!*

  • Establish processes and procedures that are easily understandable for anyone to pick up.

  • Identify bottlenecks and develop strategies to resolve them.

Each Ultimate CRE Kit includes:

● Video tutorials
● User-friendly templates
● PDFs with detailed info
● Step-by-step walk-thrus
● Lifetime access (for the foreseeable future)
● Strategies on how to succeed

I know, it seems too good to be true.