Build a Lead Generating Machine that brings leads to you 24/7.

Are your lead generating efforts not working anymore? Let’s build a lead generating machine that works on autopilot.

What’s inside?

5 Fundamental Ways to Get CRE Clients

Mockup of the 5 Fundamentals video on a computer monitor.

Masterclass that explains sales channels, sales vehicles, and sales funnels for commercial real estate. At the end you’ll have a clear path on what you need to build an automated sales funnel to bring in leads 24/7, hands-free.

Pipeline Lifeline

Mockup of a PDF booklet for Pipeline Lifeline.

This interactive eBook will put you in the driver’s seat to assess where your pipeline is failing and actionable steps to pull it out of a nosedive.

Pipeline Goldmine

Mockup of a PDF with checklists for what you need in a pipeline.

Checklist will break down what exactly you need as a commercial real estate professional to patch up a failing pipeline and turn it into a goldmine. You’ll get clear marching orders on what you need to do next to get your pipeline flowing.


30-min Consultation:
Oddball Rollcall
Got a unique situation?

Mockup of a Zoom call with Brandy Quick, owner of Calico Marketing on a computer monitor.

30-min Coaching call for those with specialties that think can’t be helped.  Got buyers and no inventory?  Rural areas with less than 300 potential clients?  Big competitor eating the market?  Let’s find a solution to your unique problem.

Video series:
Email Cocktail
Raise your glass and toast to cold emails that actually work.

Mockup of the three value driven cold email videos on a computer monitor.

3-Part Video Series on how to write, automate, and expand on a cold email system. Put aside the lame, same-ole-same-ole style emails you’re used to and start providing real value. Includes 5 pre-written cold email templates for you to customize. At the end, you’ll have a brand-new strategy to super-charge your cold emails.

55 Ways to Generate Leads
Without Cold Calling!

Mockup of a PDF booklet for 55 Ways to Generate Leads for CRE.

If your deals have passed and you have nothing in the pipeline, brokers start screaming that you need to cold call. Cold calling is one tool in a warehouse full of tools. When you’re finished, you’ll have 55 ways to bring in commercial real estate leads and none of them will be cold calling.

5 Steps to Lead Gen Website
Turn a website into a lead machine.

Mockup of a PDF booklet for 5 Steps to Make your Website Generate Leads.

Five steps that will restructure your website into a lead generating machine. Tips on calls-to-action that work, follow-up automation, generating traffic, optimization, trust-building on the internet, and more. Turn your website into a lead generating machine with these 5-steps.

Ready to collect leads in your sleep?

Build a 24/7 Lead Generating Machine.