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Listing Hero

Get your property sold fast, so you can make more deals.

Promoting your property effectively is key to increasing cash flow. But who has the time and money to promote every property? It costs too much to hire a brochure designer, press releases steal too much of your time, and if you don’t have an email list, it’s a huge step backwards in your commercial real estate marketing.

How much easier would life be if you had a funnel that promoted your listings? Listing Hero includes everything you need to create a profitable listing funnel. I show you how to customize brochure and OM (offering memorandums) templates, how to create awesome email blasts, and how to do press releases without hiring a PR company. You’ll get (4) listing brochures, (4) offering memorandums, (4) email blasts to your target audience, and (2) press release templates.

Not only will you have listing brochures that look amazing, you’ll also impress your clients with your detailed marketing plan to turn-around their properties! Get those listings turned around fast with a funnel for your listings.

What do I get with
Listing Hero?

  • Funnel to get listings exposure

  • Lifetime access to course

Templates included:

How to Videos:

  • Listing Brochures: How to edit

  • Offering Memorandums: How to edit

  • Email Blasts: How to edit & setup

  • Press Releases: How to edit & send

  • BONUS: How to make your PDF brochure into a to JPG for eBlasts

If you are looking for a funnel to promote and bring exposure to your commercial real estate listings, Listing Hero is for you!

Mockup of materials included in the Listing Hero Package. Shows the video tutorials, 4 listing brochures, 4 offering memorandums, 2 press release templates, and more.

Listing Hero is an excellent choice for anyone looking to sell their commercial real estate listings quickly and effectively. It includes everything you need like ready-made brochures and OM templates, along with information on how to do press releases easily and how to send an email blast to investors without an email list. I found it well worth the price!

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In order to keep cash flowing, you need a solid strategy to turn those listings around as fast as possible. Listings sitting untouched are a “stack of cash” that are collecting dust.

Your listing funnel will start attracting an audience to the property with a modern brochure and offering memorandum. Travel further down the funnel for promotions like email blasts to your target market and submitting listings to mass media outlets to get eyes on the property.

But doing all of commercial real estate marketing takes money and time…right?

Not as much as you think. Scroll down a bit and I’ll tell you how.

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With minimal time and effort, you can…

  • Build a funnel that turns around commercial real estate listings fast

  • Customize listing brochures and OMs