Being in commercial real estate requires agents to develop creative solutions and methods of targeting prospective clients. A relatively recent advancement in commercial real estate is the introduction of ringless voicemail or voicemail drops. A ringless voicemail involves targeting consumers with a prerecorded audio message that is placed in their voicemail boxes. VoiceLogic.  |


Every communication method with consumers requires a proper strategy; similarly, there are a few ways to use ringless voicemail drops in commercial real estate.


To understand the best ways to use voicemails, you first need to understand the primary purpose of using this technology. The main reasons why you should use ringless voicemails are:

  • There are no interruptions either from the client or the salesperson, which allows the customer to listen to the entire conversation without missing out on any crucial details
  • They allow you to reach a wider audience as it is easier to target many people via voicemail without physically talking to them on a call.
  • They cut down costs as there is no need to make long calls to clients to help them understand your product offering; instead, there is a premade audio recording that costs less to be delivered to prospective consumers
  • They can be used to follow up and convert old leads who might not have been interested previously, but the voicemail can create top of mind awareness in case they ever change their mind
  • They can be used to close gaps by keeping clients updated about details about the business to increase awareness which makes them more likely to become viable leads
  • They can be used to introduce customized deals to relevant target audiences, which can increase your conversion rates by making your clients aware of deals that pertain to their requirements


The numerous reasons listed above provide optimum situations in which we should use ringless voicemails. These reasons also help us understand why we should send these voicemails as well.


It’s vital to understand that you should not spam prospective clients by sending them unnecessary voicemails, which they will ultimately delete and block. People are more receptive to voicemails in case of reminders, follow-ups, and other reasons discussed in our list. It would therefore make sense to use voice mails in the following situations:

  • Thanking new subscribers for signing up for your newsletter
  • Introducing potential clients to your loyalty or rewards program
  • Welcoming new members to your subscription services and private groups
  • Providing updated information about new services and relevant listings
  • Providing updates about virtual events and conferences along with any schedule changes
  • Keeping in touch with your top clients by sending them a birthday wish or holiday greeting
  • Sending reminders for appointments, deals, payments, etc.
  • Rewarding your best clients with promotional offers or coupon codes
  • Creating top of mind awareness for customers who have not ordered in a while