Back in 2021 to 2022, commercial real estate was going crazy!  You were all answering calls, writing contracts, and closing deals.  None of you were buying websites.

My business slowed down.

Did I spend time staring into the sky wondering when the market would turn?


During 2019 to 2020 I maxed out on the number of clients I could feasibly take. 

I saw my business as the leaky ship it was.

I realized not having systems and processes in place was going to be the death of me.

I was treading desperately, trying to keep above water.

Captain Jack bailing out his leaking ship.

When 2021 came around, commercial real estate agents weren’t worried about their lead generation since their phones were ringing off the hook.  This left me some breathing room…finally.  And I wasn’t going to waste it away catching up on true crime shows.

Afterall, I wished for a slowdown.  I wanted time to patch up the leaky ship that was my business.

I enrolled in a 1-year coaching program centered around scaling a business to run without you.  It was hard work, especially since I had ZERO processes and procedures.  And NO experience in operations.

What I had was TIME!

I could have spent my time hitting the “yes, I’m still watching” button, but I decided to develop a new skillset instead.


When you were busiest, what did you wish for?

Did you wish you had an assistant?

Did you wish for automation?

Did you wish someone else would follow up for you?

Did you wish leads would generate themselves?


If your market is slowing down, use the time to patch your leaky ship.
Your future self will thank you.


If you’re ready to build a sales funnel that generates leads 24/7 and nurtures them on auto pilot, I’m ready to build you a website that works like a sales funnel.

Anyone can create a beautiful website, slap buttons on it and call it “lead generating.”


I’m the only one offering the Ultimate CRE Sales Funnel Masterclass to give you strategies on how to drive traffic to your website, create lead magnets that work, and nurture your leads so you can bring in more sales.

A website without the ability to be used as a sales funnel is just a trinket.  It’s kind of neat, but it’s not worth much.

Without a sales funnel, you won’t get long lasting results, period.

If you agree with me, let’s get started!  Schedule a call or zoom.

I’m out to take the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

I want to start with you.

You ready?  Schedule a call or zoom.