Cold emails can be a great way to target prospective clients by introducing them to your business and providing them details about your service offering. Cold emails might seem like they are easy to execute, but they require some effort on your part to ensure you effectively use this marketing tool.

Consider our best tools for commercial real estate cold emails, which can help you improve your message and help track relevant metrics that determine the success of cold email campaigns.

A Standard Template

The best way to get started with your cold email campaign is by designing a standard template that you can eventually customize to target different potential clients. The standard template should include a few common features such as your name, job title, social media profiles, website, and phone number, making it easy for clients to contact you. The email should also include a greeting and a conversation starter, along with a call to action at the end to encourage the recipient to learn more about your business.     Hot Tips to Writing Cold Emails for Commercial Real Estate.

Email Automation Tools

Automating email outreach can help you send personalized cold emails to numerous clients. Tools like ContactOut is a search engine for contact information but with better data. We find emails and phone numbers from public pages on the Internet and match them to the right people.  Other tools  like Mailshake allow you to schedule follow-ups, monitor campaign performance, and develop customer relationships by sending a single email. The automation enables you to use standard or customized templates and can be used to schedule emails for delivery when there is a higher chance of them being read, such as on weekdays. You can also make a long-term plan, especially if you wish to target a certain number of prospective clients every month or if you wish to send monthly or weekly newsletters.

Email Address Finder Tools

To ensure you have sufficient contacts to sustain your cold email marketing campaign, you might need to use specific tools to search for relevant email addresses. Tools like and Voila Norbert allow you to find and verify emails. It’s easy to find emails if you’re looking for prospects from a specific company, as these tools can help find relevant employees by entering the URL of the company in the search bar. even uses an API to extract a large amount of contact data in a short period of time.

Email Prospecting Tools

Using prospecting tools like the email finder Aero Leads allows you to search for people on social media sites such as LinkedIn. This is one of the best cold email tools. It allows you to filter the audience using relevant filters such as location, jobs, etc. It also helps export contact details such as work or personal email addresses to develop your contact list. These contacts have a higher chance of responding favorably to your emails, making prospecting tools important for lead generation.  How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Business.