This is a true story, OK, I’m not making this up.

I had someone schedule a Zoom with me

with only one, single purpose in mind.

To scream at me that IDXs are for residential ONLY and

how stupid I was to suggest they were for commercial.


This is a common misconception!


Let’s talk IDX for a minute!

What is an IDX?

Without getting techy, an IDX is how we

automatically populate your listings from a database

(LoopNet, Buildout, CREXi, Catylist, etc.)

immediately onto your website.


Good things about an IDX:

#1 When you make changes, it automatically updates on your website.

#2 When you add or remove listings, it automatically updates on your website!

#3 Eliminates double entry.


Bad things about an IDX:

#1 There is little or no control over the look / design.

#2 Most do not integrate into a CRM.

#3 Can be expensive.


Bottom line, there ARE IDXs available for

commercial real estate.

Some companies with IDX capability are

LoopNet, Buildout, CREXi, and Catylist.


These companies charge an additional, monthly fee

for their IDX program, so be aware of that

before you start calling around.


If you are interested in getting an IDX for your website,

Calico Marketing does not charge extra

for an integration, although, like I said earlier,

there will be a fee with the IDX company.


If you want to showcase your listings without an IDX,

I have an awesome plugin created especially for

your commercial real estate listings!


Check out the CRE Listings Plugin!

Show your listings on your website with a

property search, map, and easy filters.

CRM systems can integrate!


Giving you a choice between a CRE Listings Plugin

or an IDX integration is another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


~ Brandy