Achieve the best possible outcome after you have listed a commercial property for sale or lease by having a spot-on marketing process. It’s your job to ensure that the target market receives the message directly and effectively, especially when you have a good property to sell or lease. You should carefully consider the tools at your disposal in property promotion to use them effectively. The commissions that you convert are going to stem from the effectiveness of your marketing. You should avoid the generic marketing process with the exclusive listings, and take them directly into your well-time and strategically structured promotional campaigns.

As you’ve already spent a lot of time converting the client and the property to a listing process, you have entered the important zone of property promotion and inquiry conversion. The time that you spend at the beginning of your marketing campaign will help you achieve better outcomes with inspections and inquiries. So, here are the fundamental facts and strategies to help you improve your marketing approach and promotional campaign for your exclusive listings:

1.    Target Market

You must determine the target market before the property goes to market, as this will allow you to choose a specific marketing strategy and approach. When you define the target market to the client, they can also see the importance of a staged campaign and an advertising budget.

2.    Timing

Given the type of property, the local area precinct, and the time of the year, there will be certain timing choices to take the property to the market. You may have to resolve a few weaknesses in the property before the promotions and the inspections start. Conduct a full and detailed SWOT analysis of the property before you start the promotional campaign.

3.    Story to Tell

Check out the property’s history to understand if there are some stories of interest to be shared as part of the marketing campaign. A property of relevance and history to the community and the location will be a prime target for an editorial, which can be circulated both off-line and online.

4.    Exclusivity

In every listing process and property presentation, you must target exclusivity. Control your listings in this manner so that you can best serve the clients that you work for. Exclusivity allows you to optimize inquiry and convert more inspections. Show the client how you devote your time to the exclusive listing process and the promotional campaign attached to it.

5.    Refresh Your Messages

If you have converted the listing exclusively, it is a good idea to review the property campaign results after every three to four weeks. After reviewing the results of inspections and inquiries, you can reshape the advertising message and the promotional story. The property advertising approach will be targeted to a group of buyers or tenants and a segment of the market.