As a commercial real estate broker or agent, you may think that effective marketing strategy requires a big budget. However, there are plenty of creative and cost-effective ideas allowing you to reach your marketing goals without breaking the bank. Let’s explore different ways you can market your commercial real estate business on a tight budget.


Blog / Content Creation $0

Create educational blog articles related to commercial real estate. Focus on topics that provide value to your target audience, such as “10 things to look for when buying a warehouse” or “7 tips to leasing a big box vacancy”.

If you don’t have time, consider using a free AI services like ChatGPT that can help write your first draft and come up with different ideas. Use prompts like, “give me a list of blog article ideas for warehouse investors,” to get ideas on what to create.


Newsletter $0

Use your blog posts as content for a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly newsletter. Keep in touch with your clients by sharing valuable information, send out property updates, industry trends, and tips related to commercial real estate.

With services like MailChimp [affiliate], they offer a free email account for under 500 contacts. As you grow your business, they have everything you need to scale your email-game in the long term.


Google My Business & Yelp Account $0

Ensure that your business is listed on Google’s Business directory and Yelp. This will help your brokerage appear in local search results when people are researching commercial real estate agents or brokerages in their area. If you’re an individual agent, make sure your brokerage is listed as well.


Video Marketing ~$40

Video marketing can be a powerful tool for commercial real estate agents and brokers to generate more leads. A webcam can be about $40, but it’s optional. You can use OBS Studio (free) to record yourself discussing a property, post on YouTube as “private, only people with a link can view” and send the URL to a cold lead. They’ll be shocked at the individual attention their property received from you. This strategy can give you an edge against the competition since you’re cold texting (or emailing), but it’s 100% personalized.


Press Releases $0

You don’t need a leasing firm or PR specialists to do press releases. Research local commercial real estate magazines, newsletters, and industry-specific blogs. At the bottom of each section in their website, they will have a way to contact the editor in charge of that section. Submit your recent deals and news to these publications to gain exposure. Be sure to blind copy (BCC) your contacts to avoid duplication. Check out CCIMNAIOPNREI, real estate specialists in local newspapers, and any other local magazine or newsletter that produces content.


Forums, Facebook, and LinkedIn Groups $0

Engage with the community by leaving thoughtful comments on relevant blog posts and forums. Provide additional insights or offer related services to establish yourself as an industry expert. Avoid spammy comments and focus on adding value to the conversation.


Property Marketing $197

A well-executed marketing strategy for each of their properties allows agents and brokers to effectively showcase their properties to a wider audience. This also shows property owners and landlords your attention to detail when marketing their listing.

Branding Hero $197 has property marketing flyer + every material you’ll need.

  1. Modern brochure or flyer designs will showcase your company’s branding and help turn your listings around faster.
  2. Mass email services like Big Boys Blast and Property Campaign can get your property in front 100K+ people and ideal clients.
  3. Property listing page on your website will help attract more views to the property and your website.


Website $192/year

While I’d love for you to buy a lead generating website from me, I understand that we all need to start somewhere. If you’re going out on your own, I suggest Squarespace. They offer affordable options for domain registration and hosting. A website is an excellent way to advertise your services, segment your services into specialties, and keep in touch with your company news. You can create pages for each of your properties and point domains to them for pseudo property websites. Also, if you’re interested in an IDX, Squarespace is about the only place that has that functionality.


Remember, marketing success is not solely determined by the size of your budget. It’s about the effort and care you put into promoting your business.


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Any Joe Common Man can build a pretty website, slap some buttons on it and call it “lead gen”.


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A website without the ability to generate leads is just jewelry.  Pretty, but not useful.

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