A question I get a lot is, “What’s the difference between spam and cold outreach?”


There is one key difference.


Providing value. 


Spam is a barrage of links to buy a product and accompanied by a mess of text telling you why you need it today.


It’s needy, it’s desperate, and the conversion rates suck.


Most cold emails depend on accidentally clicking on something and being pleasantly surprised that it’s not a scam after all.


We don’t want to be in that category.


It’s time to rethink how cold outreach is done.


Instead of using cold outreach to ask for the sale over and over again, let’s talk about how we can provide value to our potential clients.


Let’s write some cold emails that will get opened and read.

Here are the basic guidelines to use when structuring a value-driven cold email.

#1 What do your clients want?

#2 The problem that stands in the way of their want(s).

#3 Empathize with their struggle.

#4 Summarize your plan to help.

#5 Provide a call-to-action that will help solve their problem.


You likely already know what’s keeping your client’s up at night and have a plan to help them.  Let’s talk about some ideas on what calls-to-action you can use to solve their problems.


Here are some ideas:

+ eBook on a topic that interests your audience

+ Checklists to prepare for a sale / lease / property search

+ Cheat sheets on how to prepare for a lease / sale / property search

+ Webinar you present (live or prerecorded)

+ Online course you’ve prepared

+ Video explaining a topic in detail


When you’re providing value for their very real problems, you’re going to show that you care enough to provide a solution.  Not just stand there with your hands in your pockets like other dime-a-dozen agents.  You’re actually doing something.  And doing something to help is how trust is built.


If you have no idea where to start, check out the Free Mini CourseHow to Create Value Driven Cold Emails to increase your sales.


I’ll show you how to write cold emails people want to read, what you can provide for free to get clicks, and how to set up a system that runs without you, 100% automated!


I know things are getting scary out there.  The good news is if we run through the storm, we’ll be standing on the other side when the dust clears.


Let’s throw everything at it.


Use this Free Mini CourseHow to Create Value Driven Cold Emails to increase your sales.


Giving you a way to do cold outreach that actually works, is yet another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.