Content is the main driving force behind every website and social media account. When you have a commercial real estate website, it is beneficial to incorporate quality content that allows the website to attract potential clients. Content marketing involves creating content that can entice website visitors and ranking algorithms to increase online visibility. If you’re looking to generate more leads, it would be beneficial to include content marketing for commercial real estate in your plan.

Develop Content Driven by Your Brand

It would be best to have a clear brand identity incorporated in your commercial real estate business, which acts as a unique selling proposition (USP). The brand image and voice should enhance the content you are producing and marketing on your website and social media pages. Curating your tone and branding visuals makes it easier for potential clients to identify the business and its niche.  Best Strategies for Internet Marketing in Commercial Real Estate.

Content Variety

Content does not include articles that are posted on your website’s blog section. Any information that is presented through text or images is considered content. If you have a commercial real estate website or social media page, you should consider what type of content will be most attractive to your clients. The content can include infographics such as charts that classify properties and even images with catchy one-liners explaining your business.

Web content is written to attract visitors and retain them, which is why you can introduce newsletters to provide clients with updates about the commercial real estate market and property listings in their area. Social media posts should also use relevant keywords and hashtags to make them easier to search for. Canva makes great social media imagery.

Producing Quality Content

Content on your online platforms can help establish relationships with potential clients, which is why you need to be careful about the message you are putting out on your website and social media pages. If you’re using content with targeted keywords, make sure they are used in the right context, or viewers might consider it clickbait and leave without reading the entire piece. First impressions are very important, so your content should be free of grammatical errors and employ storytelling that is in line with the branding and tone of your other content and posts.  7 Tips for a Successful Commercial Real Estate Blog.

Size Matters

Content on websites and social media posts should be easy to read earn devoid of complicated language that can confuse the viewer. Information should be presented in small sentences so they are easily retained in the minds of the reader. Formatting can help you go a long way in by holding viewer attention, so be sure to use headings, subheadings, table of contents, and font options such as bold or italic to make certain words stand out. It is especially important to create well-researched and easily consumable content instead of lengthy reports or research articles that can make viewers lose interest.