When marketing a commercial real estate business, it takes more than just a simple brochure. Unless you’ve got a full list of active tenant or a buyers lined up to do business, you will need to start marketing. In our increasingly online world, things have changed quite a lot. Many, if not all, of the best solutions can be found online.

If you’re looking for new ways to market a commercial real estate business, you’re in luck as we will share the best ways you can market a commercial real estate business right here.

1.    Innovations Make you Unique

One idea is using virtual reality (VR) to add an entirely new dimension to commercial real estate marketing, and that technology now exists to provide an immersive experience. VR captures a property’s potential like nothing else. A potential buyer can view VR content by wearing a headset, which allows them to see a life-like virtual simulation of a property.

In the case of commercial real estate, this tech can be used to demonstrate how an old, tired installation can be improved for a new tenant, or how capital improvements, like a new lobby or amenity space, will provide value to the entire building and warrant a lease rate increase. Immersive virtual reality offers something beyond simple imagery. When people can feel the property at a deeper and subconscious level, it creates a strong connection.

2.    Partner with a Charity to Show Commitment to the Community

If you want to be successful in commercial real estate, you have to think about the long game and show involvement in the areas you invest in. Partnering with a charity is a great way to gain recognition in your community. You could also go further and pass out items with your logo and name on them, which is great for advertising now and in the future. Try donating items that are going to last longer and will do a better job at advertising.

3.    Make a Strong First Impression with a Professional Website

When a potential client carries out their research, your website is going to be one of the first things they will discover. Therefore, you must ensure that it represents your company well and leaves an immediate impression of your professionalism. Websites and blogs are a great way of building your professional profile. Write regular blog posts about property and property changes in your location and publish those articles on a blog designed to support your profile in the market.

4.    Share Your Properties on Social Media

One of the best ways of gaining commercial real estate industry exposure is to meet potential clients where they are and showcase your properties on social media. Showcasing your properties on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram can help grab the attention of potential clients browsing the web. They might see your social media posts and find something compelling that may spur further interest.