It is not enough for businesses to have an online presence; you also have to be in continuous contact to get the best deal, especially in competitive industries such as commercial real estate. You cannot afford to lag behind the competition, so you must have 24/7 access to information, including listings and financial data, even when you are on the go. There are a number of popular commercial real estate websites, but their use is limited if they are not optimized for smartphone use. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 commercial real estate apps so you can keep up with the times.

Loopnet Commercial Real Estate Search

The best commercial real estate website also came up with one of the best real estate apps on the market. The LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search app is available for both Android and IOS. This real estate app is like Zillow for commercial properties, and you can look for a commercial property to buy or lease through its excellent search features. The app provides access to more than 800,000 commercial real estate listings, and it allows you to plug in locations to give even more specific results. The app is a great solution if you want to search its database from anywhere and on any device.

Yardi CRM Mobile

Yardi CRM Mobile Provides users have the ability to access all of their commercial property management data from any location. It focuses on property management for small to medium-sized businesses, and it incorporates some great features such as posting listings, record keeping, and processing invoices. The app does come with a learning curve, but it can help you better identify and serve client needs if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Visual Lease

Visual Lease is a digital lease portfolio that offers a simple and easy-to-use lease management platform accessible through your mobile device. It provides cloud storage for your data, and the app features tools to help with financial reporting and tracking for properties. This app allows agents and brokers to manage their business with the scheduling feature and email reminders that ensure you stay on top of things.

Property Capsule

Property capsule is another commercial real estate app that agents can use to view their leasing portfolio from any mobile device to show possible clients. The app allows you to upload listing photos, plans, property data, and any other relevant documentation, so you have easy access when you need to impress a potential tenant through its marketing automation techniques. Property Capsule customizes information based on what tenants are looking for and even creates marketing material such as email blasts and Flyers. This is a one-stop solution for agents to store all relevant property information on one platform.


If you already have a CoStar account, you might consider getting the CoStarGo app which syncs information from your account to your mobile devices. Commercial real estate professionals can use the app to keep track of all the latest updates on properties for sale or lease, along with details about ownership, transactions, tenants, and availability. The mobile extension allows you to be continuously connected to make sure you don’t miss out on the next best deal in the market.