Today I want to talk about something that’s

widely underused in commercial real estate,

but very important for list building.

And that something is “transitional calls-to-action”.


That’s a fancy way of saying offering something

in exchange for contact info.

This can be anything from an eBook, market report,

webinar, video, brochure, masterclass, etc..

The point of is simple.


Most people that visit your website, social media,

etc. are looking to hire soon, but not now.

Giving a “freebie” in exchange for their information

Is a great way to capture their information,

since they are unlikely to “call now” or

“schedule a consultation” at this point.


Adding these kinds of calls-to-action keeps you in

the long-game, so they’ll consider you when they

are ready to buy.


When I create Custom Website packages,

they come with transitional calls-to-action to

capture those leads that would otherwise might

slip through the cracks.


I even include an ebook for you to use!


Anyone can create a pretty website, but a

GREAT commercial real estate website will

turn traffic into leads with multiple points of entry

like eBooks, contact forms, and more.


Capturing leads is just another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


So, check it out!

Custom Website package



~ Brandy