I have been hearing that some of the usual providers of property owner lists have been providing out-of-date lists.

I’ve heard from some commercial real estate agents, in their market, approximately, one-third of leads lists are unusable.


Fun fact about me,

I used to work at a data intelligence firm.


My department researched real estate data for residential developers.

I know where their data comes from. I was a collector.


Don’t get too angry at the lists for being out-of-date.  It’s not their fault.

Here’s how it worked when I was there:

#1 Someone goes to the local records departments, gathers data.

#2 Info gets entered to a database.

#3 It takes about 3-months for management to inspect and approve data.

#4 After approval, data is entered into the intelligence companies’ software.

#5 It’s around 3-months until it is distributed to companies like Reonomy, ProspectNow, etc.

#6 It’s probably another 3-months for those companies to add the new data into their systems.

If you’re adding it up, that’s 6 to 9-months from collection to your hands.

In busier markets, that’s too long to be accurate.


If leads lists aren’t up to date, go to the source.

Find your local records department.

Do a Google search for “<Your County’s Name> Records Department” or “<Your County’s Name> Recorder”

Some markets will be easier than others.


Larger records departments

In larger cities, your local records department might have a website or GIS software available.  If it does, you likely will be able to search for parcels and find the owner’s contact info.

This usually doesn’t have phone numbers.

A simple Google search of the name and mailing address will usually pull up a phone number.


Smaller records departments

In smaller towns, it’s unlikely you’ll have access to a website with fancy GIS software.  Instead, you’ll probably have to walk into the records department and talk directly to a worker.  Usually, you’ll have to order printouts.  I suggest ordering printouts of commercial parcels that have recently changed ownership.  Those are commonly the easiest lists to collect and print.

Feel free to ask if they can sort lists by retail, industrial, office, etc. but don’t be shocked if it’s impossible.  Many government entities are working on a slim budget.  They’re doing the best they can.

This information is difficult to collect.

It’s why we go to companies like Reonomy and ProspectNow.

They have folks collecting data at low wages!  (This was a work-at-home job before work-at-home was a thing, it was worth it!)


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