Do you have a New Year’s resolution to show up on video?

Do you simultaneously cringe at the idea of turning on that webcam and talking to yourself?

I get you!


The thing with producing video content is,

you don’t have to show your face to “show up”. 


It’s entirely optional!


Let me show you how with  (not affiliated)

I have a Pro account, which is well worth the $15/month payment.


For this demo, I’m going to create an Instagram reel, but it can be used to create any video.

Create a design -> Instagram Reel

Canva menu selecting Instagram Reel.


Into the search, I’m typing “real estate” because, let’s face it, no one loves us in commercial real estate.

Canva searching for templates.


I’m going to drag-and-drop a design I like.

Canva pulling templates into the timeline.

Now it’s going to show me the whole template.

I’m going to drag and drop each one into the boxes below. (shown above)


Now that I have all my templates on my timeline, I’m going to change the videos to commercial real estate.

Canva templates are added to timeline.


To find stock videos I’m going to click on “Elements”, click in the search bar, and choose “Videos.”

Canva searching for stock photos and videos.


I’m going to type in “industrial warehouse”

Canva Results for stock videos in commercial real estate.


I’m going to drag the video into the template.

I’m going to adjust the timeline (I’m making it 4-seconds).

Canva how to drag and drop videos into template.


I’m going to choose a new video for each and change the timeline.

And I’m going to change the content to be about investing in industrial warehouses.


Now that I’m finished, I can download the MP4 and place it onto Instagram!

Share (top left) -> Download

Canva how to share and save a video.




I know what you’re thinking.

“There’s like 5 stock videos I can use.  How am I supposed to keep making new ones?”


Make your own commercial real estate videos with AI generators!


In Canva, click on “Magic Media.”

Canva how to use AI generator.

I’ve had success with the image creator.

My description: “Outside of an industrial warehouse lit up from the inside at dusk.”

I chose “Photo” and clicked “Generate Image.”


Just look at these beauties!

Canva results for AI generated images.


The video generator isn’t quite as good YET, but we can use it.

I find the more description, the better.

Here’s the description I’m using to create a video, “Camera shows an aerial view of a single, industrial warehouse building with lots of windows.  The windows are lit from the inside, outside the sky is a sunset at dusk.”

Canva results for AI generated videos.


You can change your description to all kinds of different buildings, building color, location, viewpoint, etc.


To be successful at consistency, I suggest batching your work.

Example: Create 5 videos in one day.  Each day, post one.


With’s Pro account you can create amazing videos, and posts for video content and social media without ever looking into a webcam.

You can enhance these by taking walk-thru videos of your listings and posting them for sale or lease on your social media too!  No narration or showing your face necessary.

Every video content campaign needs a website to collect your new leads.


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I’m out to take the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage. 

I want to start with you.

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