The top priority for any business is to expand its audience, acquire new customers, and grow their revenue. That requires a focused effort on creating a website based around lead generation. When your page captures emails, names and basic info, your follow up system can take over.

A follow up system is key to ensuring new customers come back. Engaging potential clients is a sure way to keep that connection open.

A good first impression can create a lasting relationship with a client. However, you need to anticipate their interest and needs in order to gain confidence. To help build your follow up system, here are some great ideas on the follow up.

1.    Send A Warm Welcome Message

Sending a warm welcome message is one of the best ways to build a long-term relationship with potential clients. Customize your welcome message with your own logo and content and ensure that each time a contact subscribes to your list, they will immediately receive a welcome message.

2.    Send a ‘Thank You’ Message After Purchase

Thanking clients for their business is another great way to show they are important. It’s crucial that your ‘Thank You’ message is original and tailored to them. Tagging them on social media with your “Just Sold / Leased” announcement will work wonders. By thanking your customers, you will be rewarded for your time and efforts by future purchases that your clients will make.

3.    Create an Autoresponder Series to Strengthen Relationships

An autoresponder lets you create a series of automated emails that are sent to the contact as soon as they are added to a list. The best thing about an autoresponder is that after you’ve created a series of emails and set them to be sent with the desired frequency, you don’t need to worry about them. The tool is going to handle the process automatically and ensure all clients get them.

4.    Offer to Help

Even if the new client has bought something from you, it is possible that they are unaware of other products and services that you offer.  If your brokerage offers property management, maybe you could combine your forces and let Property Management know a new landlord has recently purchased a building.  Also, consider offering additional services, such as, if someone bought a building offer to start working on leasing their vacant suites.

5.    Send a Survey

You want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to retain your customers and keep them coming back and buying again from you. Asking your customer for feedback is one way to show new customers that you’re open to suggestions, critique, compliments, and you value their opinion.

This also presents you with a great opportunity to ask them questions, which will give you an understanding of who your customers are, and how they use your products.