Most people will agree that commercial real estate marketing isn’t a piece of cake. It is incredibly tough since many decisions go into making the real estate business tick. When people think about buying, selling or leasing a property, your name should ideally, be top of mind.

Easier said than done when competition for clients can be fierce. In this article, I will show you some of the newest marketing ideas that will help you bring in leads and dominate the market.

1.    Ensure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

The world is becoming more digitally focused each day. Your website is vital for online presence and establishing authority in your field. A website serves to make your business look trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients, and should be optimized for mobile. An estimated 70% of online users access the internet through mobile devices.  Creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional, it’s the first step into the future.

2.    Conduct Keyword Research

Keyword research tools can be used to discover what keyword strings your target market is using. Spending hours writing about how to arrange your desk space may be interesting to you, but your potential clients aren’t searching for desk arrangements when they have retail vacancies.  Instead, figure out what potential clients are looking for and then plan out your content accordingly. Put your commercial real estate knowledge to good use here by creating informative, unique, and engaging content that connects with your target audience.

3.    Drone Photography and Video Marketing

Drones are used to capture sweeping shots of the surrounding landscape and the exterior of the buildings.  These photos and videos can be used for two purposes.  (1) To market your listing and (2) to use as background video in your marketing and website.  Drones can also take spectacular photos for use in property marketing and on your personal materials.

In commercial real estate, videos can perform a vital role in attracting clients and making sales. Video marketing can help improve your commercial real estate marketing game, and you can incorporate 3D images to help customers better visualize the actual property.