Let me give you an idea

of how many things I have

automated in my life.


Weekly housekeeping is my favorite.

There is a local catering service

that makes 20 dinners for me.

I pick them up, put them in the freezer.

30-mins in the instapot and I get a

(mostly) home-made dinner.


I also have poop scooping for the dogs.

Not that my son won’t do it, but the

mental load of nagging him for

hours was worth the monthly bill

to get someone else do it.


I don’t NEED all these things.


Removing these tasks from my brain

reduces my mental load.


Your mental load is all the things in a

day you need to “remember to do”.


The more tasks bogging you down,

the more brain power you’re using.


It’s like having a ton of windows open

on your computer and wondering why

it’s so slow…in this case…TIRED.


Automating your life helps clear up your

brain power to do more important things.


How much would automating your

cold calls do for your workday?


If you could get all your cold calls

done in a click, what would you

spend your time doing?


Probably talking to more prospects.

Maybe getting more deals?


If you’re not sure how to

automate your cold calls,

check out Cold Lead Hero.


You’ll learn how to download a

leads list, pre-record a message,

and send it out with a single click.


Showing you how to automate

your cold leads strategy is another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of

commercial real estate brokerage.