Cold calling remains a valuable sales strategy, especially in the world of commercial real estate marketing. Cold calling commercial real estate clients is a numbers game, as it all comes down to how many people you call and your consistency.

However, there are certain strategies that you can use to make your cold calling sessions more effective and easier. No agent should be stepping into a cold call without a plan, or you’ll end up with a lot of frustrated individuals on the other end of the line. To help you out, we are going to be sharing some of the most successful cold calling tips for commercial real estate agents. These include:

1.    Direct to Voicemail – Save Time

No one wants to sit around dialing and spouting the same message repeatedly.  Consider using a Ringless Voicemail Drop service to hit hundreds on your call list at once.  As long as you have “Direct Line” numbers, it works on landlines.

2.    Refine the Script to Your Style

Why should you make cold calling harder than it needs to be? Take a script and develop it based on your experience to ensure that your conversations are focused, informative, and relevant. On the other hand, you will have built-in responses for common objections, so you won’t need to think about anything that you must say.

3.    Be Relevant to Your Callers

The worst mistake most commercial real estate agents make is that they give a pitch that’s not relevant to the prospect. That is a big problem because your callers aren’t going to listen to a pitch that’s about something they don’t care about.

4.    Aim to Learn about Your Prospect

Cold calling shouldn’t be seen as a ‘direct response’ tactic. You shouldn’t be trying to ‘close’ on your first attempt. Otherwise, you will come across as desperate. Instead, your goal should be to start a conversation and learn about your prospect’s situation. Try to uncover their pain points, desired outcomes, anxieties, and business goals. That’s where the selling opportunities are going to appear.

5.    Don’t Spend More than 3 Minutes on the Phone

Your cold call to commercial real estate clients shouldn’t be dragging on. If you’ve found an opportunity, then try to arrange a date to carry on the conversation in person. Your prospects are busy people, and they also expect you to be busy, and not spend the entire day on the phone.

6.    Try to Get as Many Callbacks as Possible

You should be realistic that not every cold call is going to end up in a conversation, and there are going to be lots of times when you’ll reach a voicemail box. You must have a plan to deal with that as well and get an additional script for your voicemails. Take these seriously as you must give your prospect a reason to call you back.