The commercial real estate industry is a highly competitive marketplace, and to be successful, standing out from the crowd is vital. Influential and effective marketing strategy can give you the advantage, as it helps you attract more clients. Apart from that, an effective commercial real estate marketing strategy allows you to stay on the right track and achieve all of your goals. It also allows you to measure your performance, and you can improve your results by adjusting your game plan.

However, the big question remains: what makes a commercial real estate marketing strategy successful? We will highlight some of the best tips that we have come across to improve your lead generation and boost results in the field to help you out.

1.    Identify Your Audience

The first step in creating a marketing campaign is identifying your audience. Once you have that key point, the entire marketing strategy will revolve around it.

First, ask yourself what you would like to specialize in.  If you are partial to faster deals, focusing on tenant rep may be for you.  If you find yourself in a particular specialty such as working with doctors needing space, perhaps medical office.  Or you may want to focus on an industry or type of client that is currently booming (healthcare, industrial warehouse, etc.).  Whatever you decide, this will be the focus for the rest of your campaigning.

2.    Establish Your Goals

Now that your audience has been identified, time to establish your goals.  Instead of using vague intentions and future aspirations, use something quantifiable. A good example would be something like, (Goal #1) Reach out to 10 new Leads per week.  (Goal #2) Follow-up with 10 hot leads per week.  (Goal #3) Write 1 blog article a week for your website.  (Goal #4) Post on social media once per day.  (Goal #5) Hit $100k revenue this year.  This is a good mix of short and long-term goals that will keep you on track.

One you have your audience and goals, write some key messages you want to give to your audience and the methods you want to communicate with them.

Example of a Plan:  Send postcard bi-monthly to list of contacts.  Follow-up on postcard with calls (10 new leads per week).  Send monthly newsletters advertising my blog articles.  Focus on subjects like “Changes in Modern Office Space” as my audience is comprised of office holding landlords.  Post my blog articles and relevant content on social media daily.

3.    Improve Your Online Presence

The world has hit “fast-forward” and now everyone is going digital.  If you don’t have a website, now is the time to start considering the possibility. A strong online presence will consist of a mix of original content, relevant news articles, videos and a list of your active listings will propel you ahead of most of the competition. Update your website regularly with informative pieces and news so that you become the established authority in your industry for useful and inspiring content.

You should also aim to acquire email addresses from visitors on your website and target them with newsletters and email marketing campaigns that are industry-specific. Don’t neglect the impact of social media. Instead, work to connect to your audience on a different level.