Before I start in on a year of telling you how to market your own commercial real estate business, let’s chat about where I’m putting my money.  I want to prove I’m not all talk!

Last year, in 2022, visibility was the name of the game.  I wanted to get used to the idea of posting a YouTube video, blog, and email newsletter every week.  I was new to posting at that higher rate, and, even if it was short content, the intention was to get in the routine of weekly posting.  Adding weekly posts into my processes made me rethink how to do it without spending a lot of my time.  After a year of practice, we got the process down efficiently.

I also want to share with you, even though I’m probably one of the cheapest people you know, I’ve spent over $6k on sales copy in 2022 alone.  This was for my website copy and an improved welcome sequence funnel.  When I write for my business, I tend to rely very heavily on features and benefits, which tends to confuse website visitors.  Confused minds don’t buy.

Did you know most people don’t care about features or services?  They want an overall idea of what life will be like after they hire you.  I needed to hire out to help with this concept, as I was WAY too deep into my own business to be able to simplify the message.  I hired a copywriter (not a cheap one) to help me simplify my message and increase conversions.  Even though spending that money was hard for me, the investment has been a great value.

This year in 2023, I decided to take a Bog Iger approach. For those of you not up on your CEO lore, Bob Iger is the CEO from Disney that purchased Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. I won’t be acquiring any companies, but his basic deal is, “content is king”.   The one with the best content wins.

This year, I’m doing a few things differently.  First, I’m making all my newsletters long-form content, and focusing a lot more “how-tos” and guides on how to get more deals and capture more market share.

My goal is that this newsletter will be so valuable that just by reading it, you’ll earn enough money to buy a website – which will make you even more money long-term.  Therefore, taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

If you’re thinking about a new website for a new year, check out our website design package.  Our modern commercial real estate websites are built around one goal – converting traffic into leads.  Remember, you only need to bring in one deal from the website for it to pay for itself!  Investing in a lead generating website is a great investment to building your leads list long-term and making more money in the long run.