Commercial real estate stories are pretty much all the same.  “We have X years of experience and are the local experts…blah blah…”

How are you going to wake up potential clients and make them pay attention?


Think deeply about your services and the promises you are making to clients.  Are you delivering?  What does your brand stand for?  Breakthrough the mundane ways of commercial real estate to build something truly unique.


Let’s go over some strategies to tell a compelling story.

  1. Start with the problem.
    What kinds of problems do your potential clients have?  Are your competitors churning clients through a strict process, but you provide a fully customized solution?  Is it impossible to find someone who knows the downtown medical office in-and-out like you do?  Identify your personal strengths and match them with your potential client’s pain point.


  1. Create tension.
    Tension is the seed of thought that is planted in your prospect’s brain that grows into the idea that their life would be better with you in it.  You can use your unique selling proposition to create tension, especially if your process or strategy does something faster than other agents in the market.  If they want to move fast on their deals, they’ll feel the pressure to call you.


  1. “Wow” with the unexpected.
    Using a totally new, unheard-of process like using a press release agency to help market your listings, or using Google Ads Display Network, or using Google Map Scraping for potential tenants (you can get this on Fiverr, btw).  A new, unheard-of service might be the tipping point in getting that deal.


  1. Limit access.
    It’s counterintuitive to limit access to your services, since you want deals rolling in, BUT limiting access to only a handful of specialties (example: medical office purchases) allows you to focus on one thing, become THE expert, and lower the time it takes you to research and prepare for a meeting/sales presentation.  This also gives a feeling of exclusivity to your current clients.


  1. Managing control.
    Whether you’re taking away someone’s control or giving them control over something they have never had before, the world of control is ripe for creating tension.  Example of giving control – at a large brokerage a prospect may not have control over signage – but you provide 3 different options.  Example of removing control – the idea of a fully customized plan may be too much for a busy investor, instead, offer a set marketing process for each listing.


  1. Showcase other successes.
    Testimonials and case studies are great ways generate the “fear of missing out”.  Example, “Sally lowered her lease rate by 7% by hiring you to negotiate her terms of agreement.”  Can make your client think, “What am I waiting for?  I want a discount too!” Getting testimonials can be time consuming, but it’s worth the work.


  1. Continue sharing your story.
    I know you’ll get bored telling the same story in 100 different ways, but moving on to another anecdote in your marketing is actually a mistake.  Could you imagine if I suddenly started talking about knitting?

    The frequency and consistency of your story is one way of building trust.  Consider starting a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter to ensure your potential clients are seeing your brand on a regular basis.  Other ideas include email promotions of your listings, social media posts, videos and podcasts to get your messaging out there.


By effectively conveying this narrative on the website, a commercial real estate agent can leave a lasting impression and build a strong, memorable brand.

If you’re ready to showcase your unique story, a website can be your best tool for scaling communication and generating leads.

Anyone can create a beautiful website, slap buttons on it and call it “lead gen.”

I’m the only one offering the Sales Funnel Masterclass to give you strategies on how to drive traffic to your website, create lead magnets that work, and nurture your leads so you can bring in more sales.

A website without a sales funnel is just jewelry.  Pretty to look at, but not useful.
Without a sales funnel, you won’t get long lasting results, period.

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