So, you have created an amazing commercial real estate website. That’s great – it is the first step into the digital world. Now, you have the opportunity to interact with clients looking for office spaces. However, just because you have a website doesn’t necessarily mean that clients will come to you. After all, the internet is a crowded space with thousands of commercial real estate websites, and agents are battling against one another to capture clients. This means that you must do something to ensure that the clients come to you over your competitors. To help you out, we have compiled a list of hacks for commercial real estate websites that drive leads.

1.     Create Blog Posts and Turn them into Landing Pages

Leads come from traffic. How do you get that traffic? By creating and posting high-quality commercial real estate blog posts on your website. But, this isn’t enough to capture leads as a visitor would leave your blog post and then might leave without checking out the rest of your website. This is why we recommend that you turn each of your blog posts into a landing page. This will maximize your potential of capturing leads through blog posts.

2.     Make the Difference with a Text

Your lead follow-up system might not involve text messaging, but it really should. After all, if you don’t contact your leads immediately, they might not convert, and you could lose out on qualified leads. We recommend you use texting to follow-up with your leads. There are apps available that would send a text to the lead automatically when they sign-up and allow you to start the conversation and never miss an opportunity to convert a lead.

3.     Integrate Video

In addition to writing great blog posts, you should also integrate video. Listings that incorporate video marketing tactics generally receive more inquiries than those that only employ text. So, it would help if you started producing videos to share on your real estate website, social media, and even YouTube. Videos can also supplement your blog content and potentially increase your search engine ranking.

4.     Use Reviews

Testimonials are a great way to convert traffic into leads. Therefore, you should highlight all the testimonials and reviews you get on your website. You can use LeadSites for this purpose to have your testimonial landing page linked to a scheduling page. Potential clients would be more likely to contact you after they have read about all the compliments from previous clients.

5.     Implement Proper Call-to-Actions

Implement compelling calls-to-action to increase your likelihood of capturing a lead. Consider using sidebar calls-to-action that links to your landing pages as they would allow you to turn your blog and website traffic into leads.

Final Thoughts

Capturing leads isn’t going to be easy. But, you will have a greater chance of success if you post great content, follow-up with text messages, integrate video, feature reviews, and implement proper calls-to-action on your site.