Every commercial real estate professional can benefit from a website. It can help your clients see your service offerings while generating quality leads. A website establishes your credibility, and it can be a platform to communicate with potential clients. You can provide your visitors with helpful content that will speak directly to your target market.

A range of goals can be achieved through a website, but it is also essential to focus on how your site is designed, which can become the difference between a conversion or a lost client. If you’re looking to make your website more exciting and attractive, we have four design trends that you can incorporate on your site in 2021.

Compelling and Responsive Design

Websites can give visitors an idea about your brand identity, defined by design elements such as color, font, and visuals. If you are having a tough time with aesthetics, you can get your commercial real estate website design inspiration by searching for similar sites.

Overall, a more attractive design compels visitors to learn more about your website. At the same time, the website should load fast and be accessible on different devices. This requires the design to be adapted for smartphone and tablet viewing, which is how most people access the internet. Additionally, a responsive design will increase your rank on search engines such as Google who have incorporated user experience in their ranking algorithm.  SEO for CRE Websites.

IDX Features

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) refers to the tools and software that allows consumers to search for active property listings on your website. Previously, websites could direct customers to a third-party listing site, such as LoopNet, where they could view property details. IDX allows agents to import and display listings on your site. The information is up-to-date, accurate and allows visitors to stay on your website longer by browsing and searching for properties.  What is an IDX?

Interactive Content

Property listings need to be supplemented with high-quality online pictures and videos. Visitors on your site want to get a feel of the property before they consider investing. The viewers can get a better idea of the listing if there are images of different angles that viewers can also zoom in and out of. If you want to take it a step further, there are high-resolution 360-degree virtual tours that can make users feel like they are present at the property. This can be an incredibly beneficial feature as most potential clients would be wary of physically viewing the property considering the Covid situation, and the virtual tour provides a suitable alternative.  Check out our CRE listings plugin.

Call to Action

Once you have a visitor on your site, you need to provide them with a sense of direction by incorporating prompts and call-to-action buttons to encourage them to explore the site. The call to action should be ideally placed on the homepage to increase conversions, and they can include links to social media sites where visitors can receive constant updates for future lead generation. Even including a contact section is a call to action that people can use to connect and obtain information from you.  Lead Generation Techniques Every Commercial Real Estate Website Should Have