Brainstorming different services to add to your

offerings is always a great way to add value to

your potential clients.  One thing that I remembered

clients being excited about (when I worked at a

brokerage) was how many websites their listing

would appear on.


We would list where their property would be

advertised, for example LoopNet, CoStar,

the brokerage website etc.

After we announced that we were finished, the

clients would run down the list (we never

sent them links, that would have been helpful

in retrospect) and they would excitedly

find their listing in each platform.

And if I forgot to add the listing to the

brokerage website (let me tell you, adding

a listing to that old platform was NOT an easy

task) ooohhh there would be hell to pay.


I never understood why it was so important

to showcase a listing on a brokerage website.

To be honest, I thought only our agents were on it.


This is where I was wrong.

Other agents and brokerages searching for

contact info would stumble upon the listings

and inquire about them for their own clients.

Listings on a brokerage website were a big deal

when it came to brokerage-to-brokerage transactions.

And the brokerage website brought in quite

a few inquiries on listings.


If you’re wondering how you can add listings to

your website and you can skip IDX fees, check out my

CRE Listings Plugin!


The plugin features your listings on your website

with a property search, map, and easy filters.

Integrates with most CRM systems!


Getting your listings out there and giving you a

choice between a CRE Listings Plugin or an

IDX integration is another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


~ Brandy