Quite a few commercial real estate brokerages

live in the wild-wild west of branding.

This is too common, especially for

smaller brokerages or solo operations.


Your goal in branding should be to make everything

look the same.  Yes, that’s BORING, but it’s a

tried-and-true method to establish a brand that lasts!


To get started on your branding journey,

decide on a logo (if you don’t have one) and

a color scheme that will be used across

all your materials.


After that, start making templates.

You don’t have to do this all at once.

You can start with brochure templates and

OMs (offering memorandums or sales packages) and

work your way up the materials ladder.


If you need some help creating a modern,

professional looking commercial real estate

listing brochure, consider our Brochure Templates.


They have a one-time fee, NO MONTHLY

SUBSCRIPTION, and there are no limits on the

amount of brochures you can create.

Make thousands of them!


If your business is considering updating its branding,

consider using the Brochure Templates.

to get started on your journey, quickly and easily


Professionally designed brochures and OMs

with no monthly fees is just another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


~ Brandy