Creating your first commercial real estate website can seem like a daunting task as it requires some knowledge of backend and frontend operations. The back end is extremely technical. On the other hand, the front end is much easier to navigate, whereas you can see the design elements visually, which makes it a good place to start if you’re new to developing websites. However, if you find that the process is too complicated, let us help you with the best website design real estate tips to get you on the right track.

Customer-Focused Language

Avoid using highly technical terms and think about common terms that potential clients are more likely to use for searching commercial real estate solutions. In addition, it will be easier to create a client base if you can communicate effectively with your consumer by providing them content with a tone that they can readily understand.  Need content?  Our Custom Website package comes with original content!

Clear Call to Action

Having a clear call to action can make it easier for website visitors to perform relevant actions required to involve them in the commercial real estate process or keep them updated about property developments. Calls to action can also encourage clients to contact you and provide them with a next step to follow once they have reviewed your website. For example, websites can have buttons that mention “Call Now” and “Email Us.”  Our websites come with eBooks designed for you.

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t focus on putting too much information on a single web page. If there is information you wish to convey that is slightly complicated such as legal matters, try to incorporate a brief overview on your website and attach the document so clients can download and study it in detail. The content should not be excessively wordy as clients will lose interest and leave your site, so keep it short and simple.

User-Friendly Layout

The layout is important to ensure clients have a positive experience on your website. The pages should not be cluttered with too many images or calls to action that can confuse viewers. The branding should also be incorporated in the layout; for example, the colors of the web page and logo should complement each other to provide a uniform design language that is appealing for viewers.


Display positive testimonials from previous clients clearly on your website; you can even create a separate section with reviews in quotation marks with images of previous clients for a human element. The testimonials serve to enhance your credibility and provide solid content that future clients can rely on when deciding which real estate agent to move forward with.

Choose the Right Template and Theme

Templates and themes help you understand where to place different design elements and which functionalities need to be incorporated, such as advanced search features, maps, etc. There are many templates available for free online, so you can get a better idea about how you want your commercial real estate website to look while ensuring they provide reasonable loading times. Wix is a great do-it-yourself builder.  Check out our Bargain Websites for templates.