When I was a kid, my Girl Scout troupe was run by a
dance studio who had us do dance routines in lieu of
literally any activity that would earn badges.

“Why are we spending time on dance routines
when there’s a basket weaving badge to earn?!“
Annoyed with our scout leader’s lack of interest,
I purchased a Girl Scout handbook and did the
activities to earn badges on my own.

I mailed in achievement slips, a cash payment, and
enclosed a Polaroid proving I did the activity.
It was a lot of work, but I got my badges.

While everyone else was sporting their nearly
blank sash during our endless tap routines,
mine was covered in patches.
It became such an enviable symbol
other kids would ask to try it on.

The odd thing is, no one questioned our troupe leader’s
badge neglect until I showed up with a full sash.

I could have maintained the status quo –
shut up and danced, but I dared to be different.

Different is hard.

It took more time.
It took more effort.
At the end, I landed on an enviable status.

Commercial real estate has a status quo too.
Bland is best.

I’m questioning that as well.

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I’m on a mission to take the “broke” out of brokerage.

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Your never-bland friend,
~ Brandy