Since last year, I’ve been involved in an

accelerator program for systems and processes.

You know, the absolute most boring,

slowest to implement, business necessity ever.


One thing I’ve learned on my journey to systematize

is to expand automations.  I was sending the same email

over and over again -> copy/paste from a Word Doc

and hitting “send”.  Every. Single. Time.


When a coach started asking where I could lower

my email time (it was an embarrassing amount!)

I thought about automating these things.


Now, when someone schedules a Zoom or call,

they get an automated response.

When someone downloads a price list,

they get a different response.


Everything that got the ole’ “copy/paste – send”,

became automated (I used Zapier, if you’re curious).


Lowering the amount of admin you do is

the first step in getting your systems straight.


If you want to get your leads pulled

through an automated system,

consider our Custom Website Package.


It automatically funnels your leads into an

appropriate email sequence.

For instance, each lead receives welcome emails

made for their individual needs I.E., Investor Rep,

Landlord Rep, and Tenant Rep.


The best part is?

You don’t have to write any of it!


We customize the welcome emails for your business.


Building your lead funnels is just another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


So, check it out!

Custom Website Package.


~ Brandy