This is a very popular topic, and a subject I get questioned on regularly.  “I want to eblast like CBRE does!  How do I make that work?”  CBRE, Grubb & Ellis, NAI, and similar large corporations have vast lists and an internal email blast system only available for its agents.  They’ve had years to build their email system and database.  If you’re reading this, you likely are not part of this network.  Instead, I’ll provide options that are best for small commercial real estate firms and their agents.

Do-it-Yourself Templates – Calico Marketing offers Email Templates to showcase your listings and generate leads online!  The listing emails come with (1) single property and (1) multiple property email.  The lead generators come with a White Paper to exchange for potential client emails.  It comes with (1) Thank you for downloading (2) Follow-ups, and (12) Newsletters.  Automate your follow-up to leads for an entire year!  (Download the Templates)

Property Line Email Campaigns – (1) Go to Property Line’s eMarketing section, (2) Choose between single property, multi-property, or custom made Eblast, (3) Follow the directions to either choose a property you have listed with Property Line or create a new one.  Good stuff: Property Line provides access to their email database, no need to have your own list of broker emails!  This is a fairly inexpensive option staring at $80 to email a specific MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area).  Email an entire state for $200, or the entire national database for $900!  Bad stuff: The templates are blah and a bit difficult to edit.

LoopNet Email Campaigns – (1) Log into your LoopNet account, (2) roll over your name on the top-right and click “My Listings”, (3) find the listing you want to promote, (4) roll your mouse over “Promote” and select “Create Email Campaign”.  You have 4 templates to choose from, including an option to promote multiple properties.  Good stuff: The templates aren’t half bad, they look pretty nice!  There’s no additional charge, this service comes with your LoopNet account.  Bad stuff: You have to import your own emails, LoopNet does not provide you with contacts.  LoopNet used to offer email blasts to agents in their network for an additional fee, not sure why they stopped.

Info USA Email Campaigns – Go to InfoUSA Business Email Campaigns and follow the steps.  Good stuff: A real, live person will setup your email template to your specifications.  Choose commercial real estate agents or email directly to consumers, they provide you an email list.  Bad stuff: The templates are pretty ugly, the system is clunky, and often times your email will go to office managers, CEOs and never actual brokers.  I also think it’s a bit over priced at $99 – $2,000 (depends on how many people will be receiving emails).  However, if you’re looking to email directly to potential tenants, this is your best option.

Building your own Email List – First you have to build your email list.  (1) You need something people will want to download, I suggest a Special Report.  Write something your target market would want to read.  (2) Create a website to advertise your Special Report.  (3) Mailers and postcards should advertise your Special Report download – go to website for download.  Over time you’ll receive people willing to exchange their information for your Special Report.  You can email to these people.  More about the 5 step marketing plan

Building your own Email Blast – This is not an easy task.  Unless you have a graphic and web design background, I suggest you contract this task.  Don’t want to contract out?   MailChimp provides simple email templates that even a novice user can edit.  See our templates.