The truth is, cold calling doesn’t work like it used to.


“But Brandy, I know someone that made $100k on cold calling!”

I know someone that won the lottery. Not a small one either. The big kind that’s on the news.

Does that mean lottery tickets are a good investment?  Should I spend a lot of time and money buying them because my neighbor won the lotto?  Probably not.  My friend got lucky.  It’s awesome, but it’s luck.


“But Brandy, I made $100k on cold calling!”

Can we be real with each other?

Is that a 10-years ago story?


Let’s talk about what’s changed with cold calling in commercial real estate.

Ten years ago, 70 cold calls a day would probably land you a deal by the end of the week.  Statistically, 350 cold calls per week would bring in about 3-4 call backs, and maybe 1 would turn into a deal.  Not bad for a week’s work.


I know what you’re thinking, “Heck yeah, I’m going to do that!”

Stay with me!  I’m not done.


The statistics are sound, but why doesn’t that work anymore?


The big brokerages have warehouses full of people cold calling everyone you’re trying to get in front of.   They’re in their voicemails every day.  They are relentless because they have the budget to be relentless.  They can pay junior agents to sit for hours a day rolling through numbers and sales scripts.  You likely don’t have a salary like a junior agent.  You need cash today.


The truth is – your one voicemail a week is lost in a sea of prospecting.


It’s time to face reality.


You can’t compete against a cold calling army. 


Instead of wasting hours on the phone, leaving voicemails until your face is blue, let’s check our strategy.  We’re smaller, we’re agile, and we don’t need 17 approvals from God knows who in a C-suite before we can take action.


So, let’s think…

Is there a better way?

Is there an easier way?


I’m going to throw something at you that salespeople have used since the dawn of the marketplace.



Alas, forgotten by the commercial real estate industry entirely.  But here’s the best thing – the big guys are too big to build one effectively.  We can though.


Let’s build one, shall we?

One that’s made for this century.

Did you know leads can come to you?  What if you had a sales funnel so appealing, so profitable, that leads to funnel through and convert into paying clients?  Making cold calling 100% optional!


What if I told you the whole process takes 9-Day?!

  • Step #1 Pick an Ultimate CRE Sales Funnel Kit (better yet, get the Bundle).
  • Step #2 Watch the tutorials.
  • Step #3 It takes 9-Days to Build a Funnel


Stop fighting the big brokerages and their army of cold callers, you can’t win.  If you keep reaching for that phone to fill your pipeline, you’re doing endless busy work that likely won’t pay out.

Use your small size to your advantage.  Build a funnel, attract new leads that come to you, and nurture those leads until they’re ready to buy.  All without picking up a phone.

Let’s take 9-days to build a funnel that brings in new leads and converts them into paying clients.

Pick an Ultimate CRE Sales Funnel Kit (the Bundle is best) and start building your funnel today!


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~ Brandy