Do you have a listing that just won’t sell or lease?  It’s time to try some techniques to get that problem child listing out of your hair!  Here are some ways to advertise your commercial real estate listings without spending a huge amount of money.


#1 Brochure Template ($185) – If you need help with your listing brochures, but you’re not ready to sign up for an expensive subscription or hire a graphic designer, consider our Brochure Templates.  They’re easy to use, customize and there are no limits!  Make an infinite amount of brochures at the one-time-fee, no subscription!


#2 Email your Contacts ($0) – Emailing your own contact list is a great first step to getting that property sold or leased.  You likely have a ton of investors, leasers, agents and brokers already at your finger tips that would love to help spread the word.


#3 Social Media Posts ($0) – Another way to get your listing out to clients, friends, acquaintances, and random strangers you’ve added as “friends” is through social media.  Provide a few photos, description, and request people contact you for the brochure.


#4 Create a Video ($0) – Create an experience of walking around the property, explain all the features of the space and building, make it interesting!


#5 Free Listing Sites ($0) – This may not work for your $1 million-dollar property, but if you have a stubborn 1,200 SF office space, you may want to consider using Craig’s List or other free listing services.  Here’s a list of free listing sites.


#6 Email Blasts ($59+) – When the free advertising leads to cricket chirps, don’t despair!  You can reach out of your social circle and hit investors and agents nationwide.  Big Boys Blast claims they send to over 120k emails in one shot.  Property Blast claims 90k emails.  Property Campaign claims a list of 300k.  Blast your listing information out to these folks for less than $100/per email.


#7 Press Releases ($60+) – Use a service like PR Underground to submit your listing to major news media outlets starting at $60.  It’s easy and fast!  It’ll have your clients’ jaws dropping when you send them a HUGE list of media links that picked up their listing.


#8 Open Houses ($$$) – This can get expensive if you do something fancy like a wine tasting or lunch.  But you can offer a catered sandwich plate and some cookies as a lunch buffet and still get local agents to pay attention.


Providing you with inexpensive ways to promote your listings is just another way I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.

If you’re interested in a brochure template, check out mine!  It’s a one-time fee, no subscription.  Unlimited uses!


~ Brandy