The best marketing strategies involve targeting potential clients where they are most present. Almost everyone has an online presence, so commercial real estate businesses should advertise and develop their brand online through social media and other online platforms. If you’re uncertain about where to start developing online commercial real estate marketing strategies, we’ve got a great starting point for you.

Determine Goals

Every marketing strategy needs a purpose or driving force behind it. If you’re considering implementing an online marketing strategy for your commercial real estate business, it would be helpful to ask yourself questions like what problems real estate clients face? A marketing strategy is a device to promote your brand and provide value to clients, so be sure to craft your message carefully as once it’s online, it’s there to stay.  5 Goals to Consider When Creating a Marketing Strategy- HubSpot

Target the Right Clientele

Targeting the right client base increases the chances of converting leads in the commercial real estate business. Digital marketing strategies allow you to segment your audience according to different factors such as age, income, job, and location, which can help you identify more interested potential clients who can help your business grow. These digital marketing strategies can be used on your social media pages to target posts, and they can also be used to promote ads on search engines, websites, or any other online platform. How to Reach your Target Market as a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Develop Content

It is important to tailor your content according to the requirements of your target audience. Whether you have a blog post on your website or posts on your social media sites, you need to develop optimized content that addresses common queries people have about commercial real estate. The real estate industry is constantly evolving, so it is also important to keep your clients up to date about current industry trends through SEO-optimized content to make better decisions.  SEO Content Creation for Commercial Real Estate Websites.

Social Media Presence

Social media establishes a two-way connection between your business and clients. It is a great place to understand client sentiments and opinions so you can understand their perspective and incorporate it into your social media campaigns. It is a great way to establish a connection with your community, which is why you need to be interested and responsive, especially if clouds specifically reach out for any advice or concerns.


Marketing is not the same as it was 50 years ago, let alone two years ago. New strategies evolve, and clients and consumers adopt new platforms, and the only way for a business to succeed is to evolve and innovate. Don’t be afraid of incorporating modern technology, whether it involves 3-D tours or video conferencing technology, to view property listings without being physically present. As long as you stay updated with current trends, your business can keep up and attract the right audience.