If you’ve followed my newsletters for

awhile, you know that I don’t like

spending money needlessly.


For instance, there’s no reason

you should drop $10k on Facebooks ads

if you’re not 100% sure they’ll bring in profit.


In my entrepreneur groups I’ve watched

business owners bragging about $1 mil

revenue, but when you dig into their

numbers, they’re spending $999k

to make that happen.


I don’t understand living off

canned beans in a studio apartment

all for a vanity number.




Ok, look, before you spend $100k on

some fancy schmancy marketing agency

because they have one client like you

that makes over $1M in revenue

(revenue does NOT necessarily mean

successful!), check out my

Ultimate CRE Sales Funnel.


It includes everything you need to

get your sales funnels going,

your marketing rolling with automations,

all without overspending on an agency

that probably only had one other

commercial real estate client

in their lifetime.


Here it is!

Ultimate CRE Sales Funnel.

I provide marketing techniques,

including how to automate and nurture

leads through hands-free funnels

specially made for commercial real estate.


Best part?

I provide templates and content

to make it happen


Check it out here.


Providing you with marketing agency

strategies and techniques is another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of

commercial real estate brokerage.