One question I get a lot is,

“What is the best program to use for

commercial real estate brochures?”


It’s the answer everyone hates!


It depends.

I usually recommend Microsoft Publisher

for people with a PC.

It’s easy to use and comes with

a Microsoft 365 account.

If you can work Power Point,

you can figure out Publisher.


For you Apple users,

iTunes has Pages for cheap.

In my personal opinion,

Pages is not as easy as other options,

assume you’ll need some YouTube

tutorials to get used to the program.


A newer option is Google Slides.

You only need a Google account (free)

to access Google Slides.


No matter what system you prefer using,

I have a Brochure Templates ready for you!


Do-it-yourself templates put you

in charge. One-time fee,

no monthly subscription.


There are no limits to the

number of brochures you can

create with the template.


Make as many as you want!


Ready to check out the

Brochure Templates?


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It’s another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.