When I first started the commercial

real estate marketing game,

there was one recommendation

I always made.

It was to create an eBook.


An eBook would be

used in two different ways.


First, it would be a lead magnet,

where someone could fill out a form

and receive it immediately.

Providing you with an immediate lead.


Second, it’s used to showcase your

expertise.  The ultimate goal of the

eBook is to get people sold on your

services before they even call you.


eBooks really work!


In the early days,

the two clients that took

my recommendation and wrote their

own eBooks were getting great results

and a lot of leads from their website.


But I wanted EVERYONE to get

great results!


That’s why I wrote the 4 eBooks

and bundled an ebook of your choice

into a website purchase.


You get a great website WITH amazing

calls-to-action that ACTUALLY get leads.


Check out the

Website design package!


A GREAT commercial real estate

website will turn traffic into leads

with multiple points of entry like

eBooks, contact forms, and more.


Just another way

I’m taking the “broke” out of brokerage.


So, check it out!

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