If you’re not in a brokerage with access to a marketing team, you likely have to do your own listing brochures.  I found that listing brochures can be a real source of stress to commercial real estate agents because it’s nearly impossible to check all the boxes. Changes need to be made quickly.  Cost of subscriptions is too high for most agents.

If you want someone to do this work, I suggest finding someone on UpWork or Fiverr to do the job on a contract basis.  This is the cheapest way, but it takes time.  You’ll kiss a lot of frogs before you find a match.  But when you find a good designer, they can be around for a long time and even be upgrade to virtual assistant in the future.

If you want more of a personal touch, Agility Marketing offers commercial real estate brochures and offering memorandums and they’re done by a real designer!  Not some outside contractor you never get to speak to.

I’m not a huge fan of some of the companies where you pay a subscription and get access to their software.  I feel like their examples are only obtainable by an actual designer.  It reminds me of store-box hair color.  Yes, that hair color was from the box, BUT it was done by a team of pro hairstylists.  “Results may vary!”

I’m also not a big fan of virtual outsourcing companies.  Every time I’ve tried one, personally, the consistency isn’t there.  One day you’ll get a great result, the next will be so-so, and the third is trash.  This is because they’re using 20+ designers. Sometimes you get a good designer and sometimes you get a dud.

I’m a bit bias in the fact that I have Brochure Templates to be downloaded without a monthly subscription. So if you’re not ready to sign up for an expensive subscription or hire a graphic designer, consider the Brochure Templates.

Do-it-yourself templates put you in charge. One-time fee, no monthly subscription. There are no limits to the number of brochures you can create with the template.  Make as many as you want!

Offering professionally designed Brochure Templates with no monthly fees.  Is yet another way I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.