I’ve been surveying commercial real estate agents, brokers, and administrators to see what’s been bugging them in their CRE businesses.  One common thread among everyone, no matter where they are in their business – beginner to advanced – is consistency.

You’ve spent a lot of your early days making cold calls, building your leads lists, and getting a client-base.  Despite your hard work, former clients are hiring different agents, people on your lists are contacting other brokerages, and clients you’ve had for years suddenly stop answering calls.

One of the biggest reasons this happens is simple.  When they’re ready to buy that fourth property / get a new tenant / decided to expand, someone else became “top-of-mind”.

On many occasions, this is good luck on the competing agent’s part.  A well-timed cold call, email or whatever, got in front of your potential client’s eyes at the right time.

You know what you need to do to be top-of-mind, but you think, “there’s no way!” and leave it at that.

So, you know how I do all these lovely e-newsletters and videos and social media?  And they are consistently done each week?

Did you know I only work on these bad boys for a few hours every quarter and almost all the heavy lifting is done by a virtual assistant?

I’m going to show you my process to getting your e-newsletters done with VERY LITTLE work.

I’m also going to give you 55+ subject ideas so you can blast out a new email every week and use that same subject to blast across social media.  Keeping you top-of-mind with all your former, current, and potential clients.

Newsletter Hero has everything you need to stay in contact, establish loyalty, and gain engagement until your leads are finally ready to buy your services.

You do not have to go it alone on ALL your marketing, content creation, and social media.  Newsletter Hero has everything you need to create newsletters efficiently with step-by-step processes, video tutorials, copy-paste templates, and lists of where to find one-time-fee contractors that will get your marketing done without breaking your budget.

Providing you with the kits you need to grow your commercial real estate business is just another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.