Ensure your properties are marketed in the best way, whether you’re trying to sell or lease it. To help you out, we will share some marketing tactics and marketing materials you’ll need when marketing a commercial property. These include:

1.    Property Flyer / Brochure / OM

When marketing your commercial property, the first thing is a property brochure or OM. Use this flyer for different aspects of your property marketing, as it will be available online for online download, viewable on property listing websites, distributed to other brokers that inquire about the property and shared with prospective tenants.

In general, property marketing flyers should include the following:

  • High-quality renderings or photos of the property
  • A location map
  • A map that highlights the surrounding businesses (for retail)
  • A list of property features and highlights
  • Leasing contact information
  • Any available floorplans or site plans that detail typical floors or specific availability

High-quality photos or renderings of the property are a must. If you don’t have them, you can contact a visualization firm or a third-party photographer for that.

Need help with your Brochure Template?  We have 4 Designs that come with both a Listing Brochure and OM.

2.    Property Listing Page on the Company Website

Your commercial property will be found online in different ways, and one possible way is going to be through the property listing page on your company website. You should ensure that the property listing page has all the information present on the flyer, a link for downloading the flyer, and links for emailing the correct contact.

You will also have a chance to show off any additional marketing materials you have for your property here, including a virtual tour, a video, and a property website.

We have a CRE Listings Plugin to help you showcase all your available properties.

3.    Signage at Your Property

We may be living in the age of technology, but that still doesn’t mean traditional marketing methods don’t have any impact on people. There is no better way to show that your property is available for sale or lease than by planting a physical sign at the property. You should place the sign at the front of the property for maximum exposure, so it grabs the attention of anyone passing by.