One big goal I have before the end-of-the year is here is increasing conversions.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been working on a few new tricks including creating new freebies to use as lead magnets to grow my email list.

The current economy is getting harder to get those same numbers from just a year or two ago.  We could shrug our shoulders, accept that’s how real estate goes, but I prefer to throw everything at it!

Let’s go over some lead generating magnets that work:

EBook. A piece of content that is highly interesting to your target market, e.g., “Five Tips to Selling your Commercial Property”. This is not a sales piece – it’s informative and educational. No one likes being sold to, but everyone likes getting helpful hints and tricks from an expert. You can put your sales information at the bottom of the last page.

Market Report. If your company creates monthly or quarterly market reports, these can be used as a great lead-generating tool. Reports are also a great resource to add to your newsletters and social media strategies.

Video / Podcasting. Do you make videos or podcasts? Have a few exclusive episodes that visitors to fill out their information before they are allowed into your “exclusive vault”.

Listing Brochures. If you decide to show listings on your website, a successful strategy can be to require contact details before visitors can download a property brochure. This is a personal preference – some brokers prefer to avoid requesting information that might impede property turnaround.  Which is also a great goal to have.

Free Valuation. While it can be helpful, most customers assume that consultations, valuations, and similar services are free and included in your usual services. Offering a consultation is not a good “call-to-action”. Use these sparingly.

If you want some more ideas on how to make your website convert, check out the Free PDF 5 Steps to a Lead Generating Website! Restructure your website into a lead generating machine.  You’ll see tips on how to make calls-to-action that work, ways to do follow-up automation, how to make Google find your website, and more!

Showing you how to get your website to producing leads is another way I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.