This weekend is my favorite holiday.  Black Friday Weekend!  Followed by my second favorite.  No, not Christmas. It’s – Cyber Monday!

Ok, I know, it’s kinda gauche to love an un-holiday that’s all about shopping.  But I am who I am!

I honestly don’t know why I like Black Friday.  Studies show that participating in Black Friday can remain a tradition, becoming part of the holiday itself.  For me, trying to avoid shopping on Black Friday weekend is a bit like trying to resist eating a slice of pie on Thanksgiving.  Sure, it’s possible, but probably not going to happen.

To celebrate my favorite holiday, I’m offering 50% off the Ultimate CRE Kits and Listing Brochure Templates!


What are they?

Ultimate CRE Kits

Was your marketing last updated in 1999?  Marketing will bring in new clients, but it shouldn’t drain all your time and money. You do not have to go it alone on ALL your marketing, content creation, and lead generation.  The kits have everything you need to build your marketing efficiently with step-by-step processes, video tutorials, copy-paste templates, and lists of where to find one-time-fee contractors that will get your marketing done without breaking your budget.

Listing Brochure / OM Templates

Do your brochures look slapped together? Creating a brochure should be easy.  It should not drain you of your time and energy. If you need help with your listing brochures, but you’re not ready to sign up for an expensive subscription or hire a graphic designer, consider our templates. Do-it-yourself templates put you in charge. One-time fee, no monthly subscription. There are no limits to the number of brochures you can create with the template.  Make as many as you want!


Providing you with the Kits and professionally designed Brochure Templates with no monthly fees is just another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.



Expires 12-01-2022