All businesses can benefit from a strong social media presence, but in the commercial real estate business, it can prove to be a vital tool for differentiating your business from that of your competitors. People looking for options in commercial real estate use the internet to search for listings which is why it’s beneficial for your business to develop social media strategies in real estate to attract potential clients.

Share Events

Use the power of social media to attract an audience by creating and sharing local events like open houses at office buildings (etc.). You can promote business events such as group property viewings to generate traction on sites such as Facebook. After creating an event page, you can post teasers and updates about the property along with a countdown to create interest among potential clients. NAIOP – It’s time to use Social Media.

Compelling visuals

Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform, be sure to post high-quality pictures that are visually appealing so they attract clients’ attention. Instagram specifically is very popular for showcasing beautiful images on business pages for commercial real estate. You can post visually compelling posts for clients with brief captions, including contact information. The Instagram page can even make use of the picture layout to post detailed pictures of properties in a series.

Ask Questions

User engagement on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can help propel your property search results through the site’s algorithm. Once Facebook, the algorithm ranks posts that get a lot of engagement higher, which is why focusing on interacting with users is important in improving your online standing.

Create engaging posts with questions and polls that potential clients can answer or share their opinion on through reactions or comments, and it’s even better if they share your posts on their timelines and stories. You can even go live on one of these platforms and have a Q&A session on Facebook Live to have a more interactive session with potential clients and increase your facetime, trust, and credibility along the way.  6 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is Important for Commercial Real Estate.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great strategy to incorporate on any social media platform as viewers use them to search for content on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Hashtags can be used by commercial real estate professionals or businesses to share their thoughts about the current market conditions or start conversations on Twitter.

It is extremely easy to search for content using hashtags, so your business should focus on using hashtags that are not too long and include broad and specific hashtags since you can use more than one at the end of a post. For example, if you’re leasing property in New York, you can use #NewYorkLeasing to redirect interested parties to your page.


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for networking as it allows you to connect with colleagues in the same region and business as you. This platform allows you to share posts about the commercial real estate industry, and you might even get a chance to collaborate with other agents in the same area. Creating connections can help you learn about the current industry trends and opinions of seasoned professionals, and it can help you establish long-term professional relationships with fellow agents.  Benefits of Social Media for Commercial Real Estate.