I don’t have to tell you that commercial

real estate is a competitive industry.

We’re all looking for the next big thing

that will give us an edge over the competition.


One thing that I’m going to tell you

(that’s kinda controversial) is this,

when you’re brainstorming your marketing ideas,

content, style and/or design,

don’t look to your competition or industry for ideas.


OK, before you X out of this and say,

“That girl is crazy!”  Hear me out!

When you get your marketing ideas from your

competitors or industry standards, you’re ending up

with a sea of sameness.  Following the rules is

not going to make your business stand out.


So, what can you do to be unique without looking

like a fool?  Find an industry that has good marketing

and resonates with you like architecture, law, health,

retail, automotive, etc. and borrow ideas from them.


For instance, when I worked in manufacturing,

we got many of our marketing ideas from

luxury car brands. Even though we were not selling

cars!  Not even close!  The point is, we borrowed ideas

from a company that embodied luxury for our own

luxury brands. It was a much better steppingstone for

us to gather ideas to avoid looking like competitors.


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~ Brandy