I’m not a huge fan of cold calling, or any cold leads for that matter.  Even my Automate your Cold Calls Free Mini Course shows you to handle your cold leads with minimal effort, money, and time.

Personally, I feel like cold leads aren’t worth much.  In a list of 1,000 maybe 10 people contact you back (1% engagement). But the stats on whether or not they become paying customers is shoddy.

A warm email list (opt-in) will convert 1% sales – and that data holds true across industries.  That means even a small list of 1,000 warm contacts will bring in 10 sales.  This is where we need to spend our time and energy.

The first step to building a system to generate warm leads is your website.  A website can offer free materials that will encourage people to opt-in to your email list.

Some ideas….

+ eBook – example “5 Tips to Selling Industrial Warehouses”

+ Video training.  Film yourself discussing a subject and post them on YouTube as “unlisted”.  You can post these videos on the “Thank you for subscribing” page.  Also, automate an email with the links to the videos.

+ Audio training.  Record yourself discussing a subject and upload the files to your website.  Put a link to download each podcast on the “Thank you for subscribing” page.  Also, automate an email with the links to the audio files.

+ Cheat sheet – A one-page sheet offering steps to a strategy, example: “5 Steps to choosing a new office space.”

+ Webinar – Live or prerecorded webinars are great to make your sales presentation scalable.  Services like Webinar Jam can automate this.

I love the strategy of using freebies as the top of your funnel.  This means, you can promote your freebie in all your ads and even offer them up to your cold leads to warm them up.

If you’re not sure how to create a freebie, or just don’t have the time, our modern commercial real estate website design package is built around one goal – converting traffic into leads.  Our website design package comes with pre-written ebook of your choice to use as a lead magnet!

How much time would you get back if your website brought in leads hands-free, and followed up with those leads automatically?

Modern websites that act like lead generating machines is just another way, I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.