Today, let’s talk about one of my favorite topics, “unpopular opinions”.

My most unpopular opinion is that I hate the beach.  I don’t get it!  It’s like camping with more sand and a higher danger that all your stuff is going to wash away.  But that’s not what we’re going to talk about.  Instead, we’ll talk about the one thing I hear in business all the time that I hate the most.

I hate the concept of “go big or go home.”  Ugh, just typing it brings me pain.

Why do I hate it so much?

Because little things turn into big things overtime.

What kills me is how many people (not just CRE, I’m talking all folks) refuse to get started on a task they know will bring in money long-term because they can’t afford to go big right now.

1) Getting a website will bring in more clients, but you can’t afford to hire someone right now. That’s fine – get a SquareSpace account and put up a basic website in a few hours. And, yes, another agent has a better website than you, but look around your brokerage.  You’ll see 90% of your colleagues don’t have a website with a logo and contact info. You’re winning by default!  It’ll cost under $20-per month, and you’ll spend a day putting it together.  That’s a little change that can make a big difference.

2) Sending a newsletter will keep your clients engaged, but you can’t afford to hire a marketing assistant right now. That’s fine – get Newsletter Hero and use the 100+ Email Ideas to keep consistent and learn how to make it hands-free for cheap. You don’t have to do a weekly newsletter.  Go small with a monthly newsletter to keep it simple.  This is another change that will make a big difference in client retention.

3) Offering a free resource in exchange for contact information is a great way to build your list over time, but you can’t afford to hire a writer / graphic designer right now. That’s fine – find a free Google Slides template and make yourself a simple checklist or FAQ page and export to PDF. You can use a 1-pager to get things started and build more over time.  Yet another small change that can build your leads list.

If you want to see more small ways to increase your bottom line over time, check out my Free PDF 55 Ways to Generate CRE Leads (Without Cold Calls)! You’ll learn 55 small ways to generate more leads both right away and over time. It includes where to download a leads list, how to reach hundreds of thousands of investors emails, tips for your website, webinar basics, and more!

Showing you how to add small things into your lead generation and client retention is another way I’m taking the “broke” out of commercial real estate brokerage.